Best place to buy custom made bridal gowns in Australia

Wedding planning involves putting together several components like in a jigsaw puzzle. More often than not, brides are also left with precious little time getting all these things organised. But, when it comes to buying vintage or custom made bridal gowns, thankfully, Australian brides have several options.

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But, before you start exploring the options, you are better off doing some focused research and understand the basics. Alongside, you will also have to determine a budget to make the shopping experience quicker and hassle-free. Experience has shown that brides who work with a fixed budget can quickly narrow down to no more than 5 to 6 options and delve deeper into them. More importantly, not every bride is expensive vintage or custom made bridal gowns, and it is possible to buy your wedding gown at $1000 or perhaps even less. The extent of research you do and your ability to embellish your research with your creativity will ensure that you get that unique bridal gown with all the vow factors that you have always wanted.

  • Compared to conventional wedding gowns, vintage gowns also come with several advantages like: –
    Better quality of construction, particularly if you are looking at something from 1950 or earlier.
  • More styles for you to choose from
  • Overall uniqueness

Coloured wedding gowns are making a come back

bride in peach gown

Come to think of it; there is no known rule which says that brides should wear only white gowns on their wedding day. In fact, it was only in mid 18th century that the white bridal dress came into vogue following Queen Victoria who chose white as a less expensive bridal wear since colours were dyed and more expensive. Before that green, deep red, purple and even black were acceptable colours for bridal wear. Therefore, if you are looking for truly unique wedding gowns, you will find amazing selections when you focus on vintage wedding gowns. In choosing colours for your wedding gown, considering your skin tone is a great idea too. Stark white is best for brides who have dark hairs and dark skin. For the fair skinned with redheads, Ivory works better. Very warm/Champagne dresses are ideal for nearly every skin tone.

Focus on areas that can be remedied and those that cannot be

Some of the deal-breakers in choosing vintage bridal gowns include:-

  • Underarm Stains
  • Stains on satin
  • Tears on areas other than a seam, mainly when you are looking at chiffon fabric
  • Plenty of tears/breaks in lace
  • Faded crepe/rayon fabric
  • Stains on crepe/rayon fabric


And, here is a selection of the best places to shop for vintage bridal gowns in Australia:

Jason Grech

For brides looking for high-end celebrity-inspired wedding dresses, Jason Grech is the designer to see. Jason is an Australian couture brand that meets and exceeds brides expectations. Today, Jason Grech has carved out its space in metropolitan Melbourne positioning itself as the best couture house. Jason Grech creations are also intimately Australian because the brand draws its inspiration from Melbourne itself.


Floravere has launched a direct-to-customer line which allows you to try samples of affordable wedding dresses for which you pay $45 but get a reimbursement when you purchase a bridal dress. Once a selection is made, then you customize the dress for the perfect fit. Prices for the Floravere range start from $1550 and can get closer to $3500.

Kite and Butterfly

Kite is inspired by the Parisian style with a mix of bohemian aesthetic. The label is owned by Australian sisters, and they employ materials like French lace for crafting timeless and beautiful gowns. Most of their creations border the traditional looks of the Aussie bride and therefore if you after something classic, Kite and Butterfly is a good option. Price range for this label is between $1,000 and $2,000.


bride wearing hairband

ASOS is familiar to most brides as the online retailer for jeans and tees, and this British e-tailer has now opened an in-house bridal line. The brand is also offering a range of accessories including pearl earrings, crown headbands in faux pearl and lingerie to match the perfect dress. Most of the gowns offered by ASOS are pretty much affordable with prices pegging below the $300 mark with many of them closer to $200.


If you are keen on exploring a wide range of options, you should consider BHLDN. From art deco maxi gowns to boho gowns, there is an impressive range to explore, and you can work on price points starting at $300 and going right up to $2,000. The label also deals with a range of wedding accessories that could come in handy on the big day.


If you are keen on exploring options that are insanely affordable, you cannot afford to miss the Missguided. You will find sequin striped dresses for just $153 and simple, classic wedding style for under $70.


Stone Fox Bride

Modern brides are gravitating towards fewer veils and less floral crowns. You can order a range of affordable wedding dress online from Stone Fox Bride for prices starting at $2,000. Alternatively, if you happen to be in New York, you can get into the brand’s showroom to try a slip dress priced around $800.

Self Portrait

Self Portrait dresses have been patronised by many top celebrities in recent times. You can choose between Han Chong’s short mesh and crepe fabric mini dresses for under $300 or pick one from the bridal collection newly launched at about $1,000.

Lace and Liberty

Lace and Liberty are specialists in bridal dresses including mix-and-match skirts and tops and a range of accessories. A ‘try on’ box is also available at $45 including accessories. When you place an order, the cost of the ‘try on’ pack is deducted. The price range is between $350 and $1,600.


Topshop, the well known British retailer, has recently launched a bridal collection. The prices start at $650 for the bridal collection and $160 for bridesmaid dresses. Though not much details have been known yet, you can expect some out-of-the-ordinary collection, particularly latent entry of the brand into the bridal wear segment.

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